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Top Features of the Best Home Security Systems

Interior spaces that contain valuables such as art, guns, computer and coin collections are secured using security systems as well as entry points such as doors and windows are also secured. Whether the house is big or not the size does not matter when it comes to using a security system. The home’s security systems is monitored its working using a control panel. A security system can therefore be defined as the means or method of securing through a system of inter-working components and devices. However in more specific terms, home security systems are networks of integrated electronic devices that work together with a central control panel to protect against thieves and intruders.

The components of a home security system include; a high decibel siren, control panel, door and window sensors, wired security cameras, motion sensors and a yard sign. The computer that arms and disarms the security systems is referred to as the control panel which is the primary controller. In order for the action of arming or disarming the control panel communicates with each installed component that sounds the alarm upon breaching of the security zone.

A touch pad is contained in the control panel for the purposes of easy programming and interaction whereby pass codes are entered to arm or disarm the system. Apart from allowing of arming or disarming of the system, the touch pad works on voice command and can be programmed to work with wireless remote controls known as key fobs.

Another security system component is the motion sensors which gives protection to a space by creating an invisible zone. The invisible zone when breached sounds an alarm as quickly as possible and motion sensors are used to protect rooms that contain valuables such as money, art and guns. Two parts are contained in the door and window sensor which are installed adjacent to each other. Installation of the door and window sensors are done on the parts such as the door or window or on the window sill or door frame. Joining together of the two parts upon closing of the window or door results to a security circuit.

Upon arming of the security system at the control panel the sensors communicate with it by reporting that the point of entry is secure. Sudden opening of the door or window results to breaking of the security circuit in which the control panel interprets this as a security breach thereby sounding of the alarm.

The alarm monitoring company is notified when the high decibel alarm is sounded. Not only do high decibel alarms alert the neighbors but also scare away burglars thus need to be slough enough. Not only do the surveillance cameras need to be available in both wired and wireless configurations but also can be accessed remotely.

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